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Yogi: Don’t overdo it. Does it hurt anywhere? Do you feel strange anywhere? Or feel nauseous? 

Gareki: ….

Yogi: Sorry…You’re so scared that you can’t even talk, right? I should have tried harder to protect you! I’m sorry. I’m really sorry!

Gareki: You’ve got it wrong! I’m only silent because I’m trying to figure out what’s going on! Let go of me!!

Eva: Hey, just leave him alone.

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This is my design ^_^


This is my design ^_^


Tomoe & Nanami na We Heart It.

Laito Sakamaki or Shu Sakamaki → asked by hringhornibaldr


Here’s a gif of Sakamaki Shu blinking and smiling back at you \(^o^)/

//shall do a few Raito ones soon~

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